Chosungah22 – Jello Color Kit


A kit with a variety of eye makeup : a matte type to provide delicate shading and a sparkling type with dazzling and glittering pearls. Jelly formula like a fluffy cushion. Eyeshadow that naturally blends in without any boundaries and without flaking.

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Product Description

  • Eyeshadow coloring with a moist and fluffy jelly texture, without flaking
  • Fit perfectly with all skin tones, the most loved brown shade kit
  • Bouncy and bold color texture
  • Colors:
    #22PLUTO [MATTE IVORY]: A primer base color before applying the main color
    #22VENUS [SPARKLE PINK]: A pink glitter to apply on the inner corners of your eyes to make them look bigger
    #22JUPITER [MATTE BEIGE]: Natural beige brown that creates delicate shading on your eyelids
    #22MERCURY [SPARKLE BRONZE]: A sparkling bronze that makes your eyes look deeper and profound
    #22MARS [SPARKLE DARK BROWN]: A chocolate deep brown that forms dark points outside the corners of your eyes
    #22BLACKHOLE [MATTE BLACK]: A Black that creates dark and bold lines

How to use:

Take a sufficient amount. Gently and evenly apply around your eyes. Its jelly formula and natural color make blending so easy with your fingertips.

  • For Natural & Nudie MakeupWidely apply #22PLUTO color on your eyelids. Evenly blend in #22JUPITER color slightly above your double eyelid line for shading. Lightly apply #22VENUS color on the inner corners of your eyes and below for a glittering effect, and create points with #22MERCURY color on the outside corners of your eyes to create deeper eye makeup.


  • For Bold & Dark MakeupWidely apply #22PLUTO color on your eyelids. Gently and evenly blend in #22JUPITER color slightly above your double eyelid line for shading, and apply #22MARS to blend and make your eyes voluminous. Use a brush when you have to thickly draw a line with #22BLACKHOLE. Draw underlines with the remaining amount.


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