Chosungah22 – C&T Blend Fresh Mix Puff


An ultra-close puff with a dual structure that adds radiance and the long-lasting effect of foundation.

SKU: 1226317 Category: Product ID: 3705

Product Description

  • Refill puff of C&T Blend Fresh Mix
  • A dual puff designed to apply and attach the content to skin better
  • Ultra-close puff with special materials (NBR Rubycell)
  • A dual structure that improves adhesion and the long-lasting effect of formula
  • NBR (helps adhesion and long-lasting effect) Rubycell (helps create radiance and a luminous feeling)
  • A hug puff that wraps skin with the dual structure of NBR and Rubycell

How to replace:

  • Hold the puff with a light grip and separate it from the container.
  • Insert the puff onto the protruding part in the center until you hear a click.