Chosungah22 – 24H Raybeam Cream


With a correcting base cream that makes skin vibrant like a baby angel’s, it corrects color, radiance, texture and tone while keeping the moisture and nutritional balance of skin.

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Product Description

  • Dual-functioning product: Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle
  • Contains 5 patented ingredients to make skin bright and radiant
  • Pocket cream container to prevent oxidation from light, air and hazardous substances
  • A correcting base cream immediately improves skin condition which frequently changes due to harsh external environments anytime, anywhere. The pocket cream container encloses an easily oxidized formula to keep it in its freshest state.
  • A pocket cream which immediately provides 5 essential skin nutrients, anytime, anywhere as frequently as if your skin were drinking water
  • Glowy “tone-correcting foundation” to smooth the skin tone
  • Triple filtering system finishes easy high-end, high-class skin tone!

How to use:

  1. Open the cap ,push the top of the comp and Apply small amount on your finger
  2. Just like dotting, tap your skin with the finger then smoothly spread on your skin.
  3. Tapping on dark circle, C-zone, T-Zone, chin area, and around mouth your face will revive beautifully for smooth , voluminous angel-y Skin.
  4. For parts you want more correcting and glow (around mouth, forehead, or eye areas), use the puff then spread on the part you with for brightening, vital complexion effect.


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